[kwlug-disc] Call for volunteers: Software Freedom Day

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One way to get a lot of users who haven't used linux is to post on WWITPRO. 

Trios may be another place to find interested people.
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Not only is Software Freedom Day going ahead this September 19, but
we (at The Working Centre) are planning to put in effort to make it a
successful event. 

This is an official invitation for KWLUG members (and others) to
help make the day a success. Here are some of the ways you can

- Help out with the installfest/troubleshootingfest in computer
- Give a 20 minute talk (we plan to have a number of these happening
  throughout the day).
- Help with publicity and design
- Invite your friends and family to come to the event 
- Help us prepare giveaways and goodies (CDs, etc.) 

Ideally we would get a target audience of a lot of people who may have
heard of Linux but aren't that familiar with it. Pragmatically I think
we are likely to get nerdier people. 

If you can help (even by being present) then give me a shout. 

- Paul

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