[kwlug-disc] meaningful display resolutions for netbooks?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Wed Aug 19 11:04:47 EDT 2009

  i'm reading up on the rationale for the increasingly available
1366x768 resolutions on netbooks, but then i stumbled across this:


which seems adamant that that is a totally bogus resolution whose only
selection was to stick with a 16:9 ratio and get as close as possible
to 1M pixels, which seems to make sense.  curiously, 1366x768 is
slightly *larger* than 1M -- 1048576 < 1049088, which *doesn't* make
sense, does it?

  in any event, given that common netbook displays are 1024x600 or
1024x576, the next logical step that *would* make sense is going to a
true HD resolution of 1280x720 -- clearly not as good as 1366x768 but
noticeably better than the two lower ones.  and apparently at least
acer and lenovo will be releasing (if they haven't already) netbooks
with 1280x720 displays.

  so is that the next logical step?  if one accepts that 1366x768
doesn't represent a video standard of any kind?


p.s.  1366/768 isn't even exactly 16:9, while 1280/720 is.


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