[kwlug-disc] definition of debian's "stable"?

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Sun Aug 16 12:58:38 EDT 2009

To relate that to Ubuntu, which is  a Debian derivative.

Ubuntu has the concept of LTS (long term support). It is 3 years for the
and 5 years for the server.

The current one is 8.04 (released in 2008, April). After issuing security
for a while, they will release 8.04.1, then 8.04.2, ...etc, so you do not
need to
download a boat load of updates, and you are mostly up to date when you

The current version of the LTS is 8.04.3


One of Ubuntu's reasons for existing is to provide a more up to date version
than the long release cycle of Debian. Glad to see that Debian is working
to remedy that a bit.
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