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Wed Aug 12 15:42:44 EDT 2009

Paul Nijjar wrote, On 08/12/2009 1:22 PM:
> I think we had something like 25 people in the room. It seemed
> pretty full to me, and this was a summer meeting! The 140 seat room is
> obviously much bigger than we will ever need, but if we start booking
> that room then we should see whether we can get it consistently. (I
> have my doubts -- that room is a natural for big events like Christmas
> parties.) 

IIRC, we had 30-40 in July. (I/someone did a headcount.)

Huether was reluctant to let us have that room (Kent - 140 seat) as we 
would not have enough people to justify the utilities. This was said 
more covertly than overtly.

Wireless apparently does not work downstairs. Cedric confirms elsewhere.

Consensus was web access was required - if not by the presenter, then 
by the presentees.

One room downstairs has no door and consensus was noise would be so 
significant that it would almost be like being back at the Working Centre.

The other downstairs room may have space issues too, but maybe not. It 
has immovable bench booths which means capacity cannot be intensified. 
Discussions post-last meeting, and on the list since, seem to indicate 
that internet could be jury rigged (e.g. someone brings an access 
point to the meeting, and we bring a 100' cable to dangle down the 
round stairwell).

Consensus post last meeting was the Kent is too big, and no downstairs 
room offers any significant advantage beyond the room we already have 
(particularly internet loss). And, as long as the current room had 
air, until John presents on Myth again, it was the best choice. On the 
understanding (a) we would move furniture around - no biggie, if we 
can handle the working centre, we can handle this; (b) Should a really 
popular topic come up we would go for the Kent on a one-off basis. 
Such as for MythTV, or an installfest. Or a hands-on session where 
everyone is bringing a laptop.

Consensus at Monday's meeting and on the list afterwards was that the 
room has sufficient air.

One of the problems with the Kent is that it is very long, and VERY 
narrow. It will be problematic to gather 40+ people in front of a 
screen to make a presentation. Without the 40+ people, the room we 
have would suffice.

Presenters: Would you rather be distracted by having latecomers come 
in beside you, or be the only ones immediately seeing them as they 
come in? Or is a distraction a distraction and it doesn't make much 

Audience: Would you rather see latecomers coming at you, or have them 
creep up on you? (-:

John's name is on the booking sheet. It seemed to me that he books the 
room for two months hence each meeting night. Since the LUG seems to 
have a pretty good handle on the presentation topics for at least the 
next two meetings, the larger room could be booked on an as needed 
basis. (Because of its size, it's not as heavily booked.)

Should average attendance grow by 20 people, we'll have a dilemma.

I doubt Christmas will be an issue, Dec. 7, but what do I know. Should 
Jan. 4 be moved to Jan. 11?

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