[kwlug-disc] the business model for open source

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Tue Aug 4 12:07:39 EDT 2009

Raul Suarez wrote, On 08/03/2009 11:07 PM:
> --- On Mon, 8/3/09, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:
>> Aren't consumers expecting things to work completely and 
>> correctly for their needs out of the box?
> If that were the case, businesses wouldn't pay for service
> contracts. Anyone that has been around software for a while already
> knows that one of the most important factors in choosing software

Sorry. Been around for a long time. Almost never have I seen a support 
contract purchased. Almost never have I seen software calls made for 

> is the service level from the vendor. We know that all software has
> bugs and deficiencies but how easy/difficult is it for the vendor
> to fix them or add new functionality is very important.

I say the above, at least in part, because there was no expectation 
that the vendor (MS) would fix the problem, even should it be brought 
to their attention.

> Some people have voiced it before and I have experienced it first
> hand that one of the contentious issues regarding going with Open
> Source is "Who will support it".
> I think that making a business case to respond to that question
> will bring down the toughest barrier. I honestly think that
> Richard's examples attempt to make that case.
> As everything, it depends on the spin. Maybe if you explain that
> "they" can access the source code, they'll say "so what". But if
> you explain that they have more support options as they can have
> support contracts from the vendor or if they need something very
> particular, they can hire someone or outsource for someone else to
> do it for them. They don't have that flexibility with closed
> source.

Which was my point. (And that it hadn't occurred to me prior.)

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