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> Aren't consumers expecting things to work completely and
> correctly for their needs out of the box?

If that were the case, businesses wouldn't pay for service contracts. Anyone that has been around software for a while already knows that one of the most important factors in choosing software is the service level from the vendor. We know that all software has bugs and deficiencies but how easy/difficult is it for the vendor to fix them or add new functionality is very important.

Some people have voiced it before and I have experienced it first hand that one of the contentious issues regarding going with Open Source is "Who will support it".

I think that making a business case to respond to that question will bring down the toughest barrier. I honestly think that Richard's examples attempt to make that case.

As everything, it depends on the spin. Maybe if you explain that "they" can access the source code, they'll say "so what". But if you explain that they have more support options as they can have support contracts from the vendor or if they need something very particular, they can hire someone or outsource for someone else to do it for them. They don't have that flexibility with closed source.

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