[kwlug-disc] Open Source intro handout

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Thu Apr 30 17:42:36 EDT 2009

  i've only skimmed this thread but let me toss in a couple
observations, based on conversations i've had with people *very* high
up the food chain in some corporations.

  making the argument that open source software is "better" than
proprietary software is, in most cases, a non-starter.  most companies
simply don't care.  the operative phrase is "good enough."  windows
software may not be perfect or bug-free but, for these people, it's
simply good enough, they're used to it and it works just fine for
them.  trying to make the argument that there's something somewhat
better will get you nowhere.

  and as for open source alternatives, not sure if anyone's mentioned
this already but i think it's important to emphasize that there isn't
just *one* alternative to, say, IE.   don't fixate on firefox.  point
out that there are *multiple* options, and those people can install
them all simultaneously, and test drive them to their heart's content,
and finally pick the one they like best.  it does no good to try to
talk someone off of IE if they get the impression that they're just
moving to another situation of lock-in.  stress *choice*.

  anyway, i'll try to read the whole thread later in detail.


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