[kwlug-disc] Voip live transfer lead systems

Insurance Squared Inc. gcooke at insurancesquared.com
Tue Apr 14 19:18:10 EDT 2009

More of a general Voip type question - wondering if this is done, if it 
can be done, if it's a big job, little job, etc. 

I want to have a system that I can somehow populate with phone numbers - 
say a list of 10K.  The system calls each number with a message 'Press 1 
to reach a live person, press 2 to swear at the person who put your 
number in this system' and so on.  If the recipient presses 1, they are 
transferred to either the live operator, or if there are more than one, 
the next open live operator.  If all operators are busy, the system 
stops calling temporarily. 

Now putting aside the potential misuse of this system (it's not even 
Canada that uses this system), is this something that is easily done 
with Voip?  What's the universe look like to make this something that an 
independent non-tech could download and install on their own (like I 
think asterisk has a system in a box/on cd)?

I deal with a lot of americans who have systems like this, but the 
systems are controlled by large corps.  You have to tie yourself to the 
large corp to get access to their system.  I was thinking it would be 
nice to make something like this easily available (and free) for the 
independents, allow them to run their own system instead of tying them 
to a large corp to get to the technology. 

I'm betting it's relatively easy to setup using existing tools, so I 
could just build a 'how to' page with links, I suspect it's going to be 
unfeasible to have a 'click to download a bootable CD that does all this'.


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