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Fri Dec 19 15:47:24 EST 2008

Oh, you'd think so.  But in my market, demand <> paying customers. 

I liken it this way.  I tell my clients I'll charge them $1 to show them 
how to make $5.  Their response is to suggest that why don't they not 
pay me the $1 and instead I just show them how to make $4.  They don't 
always appreciate that none of it works if I don't get my $1.

Which is one of the reasons I'm considering GPL.  Tough to sell much of 
it anyway.

Chris Frey wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 02:48:04PM -0500, Insurance Squared Inc. wrote:
>> I've actually been asked to build this project 
>> numerous times through the years but have always declined.
> [snip]
>> Cons to opensource:
>> - I'm working,but not making money.
> These two look like conflicting statements.  If there is interest, you
> should at least have potential people willing to pay for an open source
> solution, especially if everyone pays for part of the development costs.
> I don't know if this would work in practice though.
> - Chris
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