[kwlug-disc] remote USB hard drive, via nfs

richard at weait.com richard at weait.com
Sun Dec 14 20:25:58 EST 2008

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> What flavour of OS are you running on your WL500gP.  Apparently nfs
> is/was broken in kamikaze (http://wiki.openwrt.org/NFS).
> Maybe try shfs (ssh-fs) instead
> http://wiki.openwrt.org/RemoteFileSystemHowTo
> If not kamikaze, check that everything is running:
> pgrep portmap
> pgrep nfs
> pgrep mountd
> As Paul said, send us you /etc/export on remote so we can all have a look.
> Finally, the OpenWRT OS is notoriously single-user out of the box.  To
> support multiple users, you really need to roll your own.  Do you have
> another Linux box (or course you do!) you can try this nfs programme out
> on?

You've hit on it, too.

Paul and Lori each pointed at potential issues and each have turned out to
be, in facet, issues.

Paul's guidance got me to fix /etc/exports as reported earlier.  "Great, i
can create, edit, delete files remotely" I said to myself.  "Now let's
just fix the permissions."  I thought I was all set.

Lori's warning about the single user-ness appears to have stung me now.  I
chmodded stuff around so I can create, edit remove as my non-privileged
user.  No joy.  Go back to default and no problem.

I can't ssh in as the non-privileged user either.  I guess I'm a little
too non-privileged.

Next, I'll have a look at it with a full distro, rather than the router.

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