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I'm surprised at how gullible even you tech folks are.  This stuff never 
happened to me.

Except that time I bought a clock with the image of a Polaris ATV on it 
from Junior for Christmas.  Contacted someone on ebay, made the deal off 
ebay (since they didn't have a listing for that specific clock).  Sent 
$50.  Never heard from them again.

Or the time a local came by my house to buy some electronics.  Paid me 
with a postal money order.  The money orders were stolen.  We cashed it 
and got a call from the police :).

And then there was the time someone double swiped my interac card.  Went 
to buy some milk, swiped, and all my accounts were closed. 

But other than those times, these scammers are pretty obvious to me :).

Conversely, the first deal I did on ebay, ever, back many years ago, I 
sent someone like $5K and the deal went fabulously.

Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
> If it helps, that happened to me last year too.
> Again seller was 99% positive, selling a smart phone. He was in 
> Montreal too,
> so I said I can take legal action if needed. To avoid Paypal Fees for 
> him and get
> a discount I suggested to pay directly, and he agreed.
> I paid via Interac email transfer and never heard back from him. Only 
> then did
> others started giving bad reviews since they never received the goods.
> Contacted the courts here and in Quebec, and effectively it is a lost 
> case. A court
> order in Ontario is not enforcable in Quebec, and you can't sue in 
> Quebec unless
> you live there!
> Contacted police who took all the info and investigated and said that 
> there is
> little if any chance of getting the money back.
> So, yes, beware. It happens to all of us, even those like me advise 
> others to be
> aware of wining the lottery scams and such.
> On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 3:18 PM, Raul Suarez <rarsa at yahoo.com 
> <mailto:rarsa at yahoo.com>> wrote:
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>     From: Rick <rickm at golden.net <mailto:rickm at golden.net>>
>     > After seeing your response and John's response, I feel like
>     > the Grinch. Must be this eBay fraud ... from a 99.9% positive
>     > eBay seller of over 1400 items!
>     I consider myself tek savvy but I know I am people witless:
>     Before going on vacations to Mexico I "bought" a screen
>     replacement for a PSP on eBay. Also 99.9% positive seller. I was
>     waiting for it when I finally got time for me to travel to Mexico.
>     I made the mistake of sending an email to the seller "If you
>     haven's sent it, please send it in four weeks". Well, I came back
>     but the screen never showed up. I sent emails, and he would say "I
>     am out of screens right now but next week..." eventually changing
>     to  "Sure I will refund your money" eventually, after the grace
>     time for complains had passed. no more communications. no more
>     emails, nothing.
>     So, I've increased my internet accumen: Buy online? sure, but only
>     from reputable sellers even if it costs more.
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