[kwlug-disc] Local Palm Treo 680 repair places?

Rick rickm at golden.net
Wed Dec 10 23:59:05 EST 2008

unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> writes:
>> ... unless some part besides the screen got damaged.
> Which, of course, is the problem. If a screen is +US$80, plus 
> shipping, plus time there and back, and it's not the only problem, and 
>   ...
> Guess I have to figure out how much aggravation I'm willing to put up 
> with to save x $.

I paid much less for my PDA screens. I think I got three for around
$20-$30 (which reduces shipping because I bought spares) ... but I was
probably lucky to be buying at the end of the technology cycle.

Anyway, you  first need to fill in the data point ... does X = $80
or might you be lucky enough to get a clearance price? Rememeber:
eBay is often used to sell off the remanining items.

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