[kwlug-disc] kwlug-disc and Evolution

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Mon Dec 8 19:08:44 EST 2008

Paul, as you're struggling with all this stuff, it's probably a good 
time for me (and probably the rest of the list members) to say thanks to 
you and the other LUG members who keep all this going.  I'm appreciative 
not just of the work - but of the fact that it's being done year after 
year after year. 

It may seem like there's nothing out there, but I receive direct and 
measurable benefit from being on this list as a result of your efforts - 
even if you don't see it :).


Paul Nijjar wrote:
>> Gee, Paul.  Slipping....
> It gets worse. I just renamed the list from "KWLUG discussion free for
> all" to "KWLUG discussion" because it was bugging me. This will change
> the List ID, I think. My hope is that this will be the final change to
> that ID. 
> Gary: Do you have an error message for us?
> - Paul
> P.S. Something else that is new and that I will change: the "reply-to"
> behaviour. This is the second time I have responded to the poster when
> I hit "reply", even though I have "reply to list" set in Mailman. 
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