[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: SadServers, Visual Studio Code Server (Dec 2022)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Dec 3 03:22:15 EST 2022

Given that it is December, maybe it is no surprise that Fernando Duran
has some sad servers. But unlike the rest of us, his servers are not
sad because it is winter. They are sad because there is something
misconfigured or broken or just plain strange somewhere, and your
challenge (if you choose to accept it) is to diagnose and fix the
problem. Fernando's web service spins up Linux environments in a web
browser so users can get a root shell and poke around until they can
solve the challenges and cheer those servers up. In this presentation,
Fernando (presenting from the frigid land of... Mexico?) will tell us
more about the service, and give us a sense of the technology he used
to put it together. If you are looking to sharpen your Linux sysadmin
skills, this is a presentation for you.

It's not even April 1, and Sean Dalziel will be making his KWLUG
presentation debut to show off... a Microsoft product? (How times have
changed.) In particular, he (and lots of other people) uses
open-source  Visual Studio Code as an IDE. In this presentation, he
takes things one step further: he will show us how (and why) to set up
Visual Studio Code Server in a virtual machine, which gives him
language environments he can access from anywhere. 

In other news, KWLUG is trying to ramp up its social media and
marketing presence. We have revived our LinkedIn group and Twitter (!)
account, and are now on the Fediverse via Mastodon. If you are
socially-media inclined, please visit the sidebar on https://kwlug.org
and check them out. (We would welcome volunteers to be on other social
media as well. If you are interested please contact us.)

While we are on the topic of social media: longtime KWLUG member
Charles McColm has revived his YouTube channel, focusing on end-user
education using Xubuntu. You can find the video linked to his toot
here: https://techhub.social/@chaslinux/109406827633898025 . (And if
you are a local doing some Linux or FLOSS-related education we would
love to hear about it!)

Once again we will be holding our meeting online:

The meeting starts at 7pm, and we will open the room at least 15 minutes
earlier for chitchat and gossip.

- Paul
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