[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Cycling Guide and OpenStreetMap, Bash Autocompletion (Nov 2022)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Nov 5 03:11:18 EDT 2022

It's November. What a glorious month for a bike ride! Beautiful
temperatures, sunshine, nice breezes. What better weather could we
hope for? (Surely it will last all month. Right?)

Of course, many people who would like to bike feel reluctant to do so,
because they want to cycle safely. David Trueman is the current
president of https://cyclewr.ca , and he wanted to solve this problem.
With local design firm Zeitspace, he helped develop
https://www.cyclingguide.app , which attempts to help cyclists find
safe routes through the region. Along with Zeitspace employees Catalin
Pop, Brent Lintner and Amy Colford, David will talk about the app, and
how (and why!) it uses OpenStreetMap to do what it does. This would
be a great presentation to invite your cycling friends (or the cycling
hesitant!) to. 

Our second presentation this month will feature a deep dive into
autocompletion in the Bash shell. John Steel will show us how
autocompletion works, and some ways to set up autocompletions for your
own programs.

This month's meeting will again be on our BigBlueButton instance: 

The meeting will begin at 7pm. The virtual doors will open around
6:45pm or so. Feel free to drop by and chat before the meeting starts.

- Paul
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