[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday, 7pm: Home Networks, PrivacySafe (Sept 2019)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Fri Sep 6 21:22:53 EDT 2019

Well, summer's over. It's time to go inside and shiver, desperately
trying to fend off the relentless cold. But as we desperately try to
thermoregulate, we might as well get together and network. In that
spirit, this month's KWLUG meeting is all about home servers and

First, Sandeep Johri will give a beginner-friendly demonstration of
how he set up and secured his home network. His hope is to show you
how you might network your home, and to gather tips for how to make
his own network better. 

Secondly, Mikalai Birukou will unveil the details of his secret
project PrivacySafe, which is intended to help you provide private and
secure servers in your own house, as opposed to the houses of giant
tech corporations sucking up all your data. (Sorry, giant tech

These presentations begin around 7pm, after initial announcements.

In other news, we are in moderately-dire need of presenters for the
next little while. In particular, we are looking for some people to
present for October. If you know somebody who has something interested
to say about a free software project (or you are that person!) please
invite that person (possibly you!) to present. Use the contact link on
our website, post to the kwlug-disc list, or contact me directly. 

This will be my final announcement for the CyberCity security
conference happening on October 1. This is not gratis but (based upon
my experiences at the excellent KW CyberSecurity meetup) should be
pretty good. Get tickets here: https://cybercityconf.io

Since summer has ended, tech meetups are ramping up again. There are
so many! You know where to find them: watcamp.com or
https://off-topic.kwlug.org/watcamp . 

This month's meeting will be held at our newish home: 

TriOS College
110 King St E
(at Market Square)

See maps and photos of the site at https://kwlug.org/trios-college .
You will want to arrive by 7pm if you can, because the doors get
locked early. Alternatively, bring a mobile communication device so
that you can call or text to be let into the building. 

- Paul

Get tech event listings: https://off-topic.kwlug.org/watcamp
Blog: http://pnijjar.freeshell.org

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