[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: LaTeX at the Law Library, GDB (June 2019)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Jun 1 01:39:22 EDT 2019



\section{KWLUG Announcement}

\emph{Hello everybody!}

Do you like lots of slashes in your markup language? Do you like
debugging things? If so then this is the meeting for you! 
\footnote{That is not to say other meetings are not also for you.}

\subsection{\LaTeX\ in the Law Library}

I may only be on board with \LaTeX\ about $\frac{1}{3}$ of the time,
but it has its uses. It has gained wide acceptance as a mathematical
markup language, and it definitely has its adherents.  John Kerr will
be making an arduous journey all the way from Guelph to tell us about
how he has integrated \LaTeX\ at the law library where he works, and
will demonstrate some of the ways he uses it there. He will also show
us what \LaTeX\ has in common with Gaelic. 


Sergio Durigan Jr will be making an arduous trek all the way from Toronto
to tell us about GDB, the GNU Debugger. Sergio packages GDB for
Fedora, and hacks on it in his spare time. He will illustrate some
basic usages of the tool, and tell us about some of GDB's cooler new

\subsection{Other Announcements}

\subsubsection{Linux Journal Call for Papers}

The Linux Journal relayed a message to us (and other LUGs) asking for
article submissions. In particular, they are publishing a "Cool
Projects" issue and is looking for interesting stories from LUG
members. The deadline for this issue is July 10, but apparently they
are always looking for stories. You can read more about the article
submission process here: \url{https://www.linuxjournal.com/author}~, and if
you are interested in submitting something you can contact the editors
at ljeditor at linuxjournal.com . 

In addition, the Linux Journal wanted to offer LUG members access to
their ``Deep Dive'' ebook, which is apparently over 800 pages long?
Since you are reading this email I guess you are a LUG member, so here
are the download links: 


  \item EPUB: \url{https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/lj-podcast/Linux+Journal+Deep+Dive+Edition+-+Linux+Journal.epub}
  \item MOBI \url{https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/lj-podcast/Linux+Journal+Deep+Dive+Edition+-+Linux+Journal.mobi}



Our friends at the KW Cyber Security Meetup \footnote{which,
incidentally, is one of the best meetups around these days :
\url{https://www.meetup.com/KW-Cyber-Security-Meetup/} } is
organizing a local cyber security conference, to be held on October 1.
They are currently looking for speakers. If you have a compelling 
topic related to cybersecurity that you would like to present,
please contact them: info at cybercityconf.io . 

The conference will not be gratis, but they say they are trying to
keep ticket costs reasonable (\$40-60). More details of their
conference will be published on their website as they are decided:
\url{https://www.cybercityconf.io/} .

In addition, they are trying to create a list of Twitter handles of all
cyber security companies AND cyber security professionals in the
region, so if you know of some (or are some) and are not on their
Twitter lists, please contact them about that as well. 


Once again, we will meet at our new home: 

TriOS College \\
110 King St E \\
(At Market Square) \\

The venue usually locks its doors early. Somebody will be minding the
door until the meeting starts at 7pm, so try to be on time. If you are
late there should be a cellphone number posted that you can call or
text to get in. 

If you would like maps or photos of the location, see

- Paul


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