[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Sprinkler System, Qubes OS (July 2018)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sun Jul 8 00:16:32 EDT 2018

First, a location note: This month, we will again be in the KW
Innovation Centre at 283 Duke St: https://kwlug.org/283-duke . In
August we will be at the Google Community Space. Then we will be back
at KWIC. 

Do you know what people do when it is hot and sunny? Some people hide
indoors behind their computer monitors. Other people grow things.
Apparently plants and other weird life forms enjoy hot and sunny
weather so they can grow better, so humans cultivate some of those
plants for food and ornamentation. Tim Laurence is one of those
people. He has a beautiful garden full of basil and tomatoes and other
edible things. But there is a problem! When it is hot and sunny plants
use up more water, and sometimes if you don't give them water they
shrivel up and die. What to do? If you're Tim, you use a Raspberry Pi
to solve the problem: you build an automated sprinkler system that
keeps your plants watered. In this beginner-friendly presentation, Tim
will talk about how he set things up.

Or maybe you prefer spending your summers in compartments? If so,
Qubes OS might be for you. Qubes is a security-focused operating
system that uses Xen to compartmentalize applications and processes.
An interesting side effect is that you can run different operating
systems in different guest compartments side-by-side. Ben Turnbull has
been exploring Qubes OS, and he will give us an overview and some live
demonstrations of what it can do. 

In other news: I missed announcing this for last month's meeting, but
there is a new PostgreSQL meetup in town, organized by KWLUG members
Dave Cramer and Hadi Moshayedi. If you are interested then you can
join the Meetup group here:

As mentioned above, this month's meeting will be held at the KW
Innovation Centre: 

Unit #225
283 Duke Street
(Just beyond the train tracks)

See https://kwlug.org/283-duke for maps and pictures. Doors will open
around 6:30pm. 

- Paul

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