[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Backups, Mail-in-a-Box (May 2018)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Fri May 4 12:54:50 EDT 2018

At this month's meeting we will go back to basics: backups and email.
Khalid Baheyeldin will get us started with a beginner-friendly
introduction to his backup strategy, revolving around the dump
utility. This allows him to make versioned, incremental, off-site
backups, and does not require a third-party cloud service.

Colin Knapp will follow this up with a demonstration of Mail-in-a-Box,
a software bundle that tries to make it easy to run a mail server on
the modern Internet. It includes webmail, IMAP/POP access, spam
filtering, and all the fiddly DNS wrangling necessary for other mail
servers on the Internet to consider you a legitimate mail source. 

These presentations will start at 7pm, after meeting announcements. 

In other news, Maker Expo is happening June 2 and 3 at the Kitchener
Memorial Auditorium. In addition to attendees they are also looking
for volunteers; visit https://makerexpo.ca for more information.

CIGI has been putting on some interesting talks related to information
security and intellectual property. One talk that may be of interest
is entitled "Our Data Driven Future" by Susan Ariel Aaronson. That
talk will be held Tuesday, May 15 at the CIGI auditorium. Visit
https://www.cigionline.org/events/our-data-driven-future for more

If you missed Cory Doctorow when he was here in December (or you would
like to see him speak again) he is giving a talk entitled "The war on
general purpose computers is the war on science". I think that this is
open to the public. It will be held Wednesday May 9 at 2pm. See
for more details. 

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This month's meeting will be held at St John's Kitchen:

St John's Kitchen
97 Victoria St North
(at Weber)

There is more information about St John's Kitchen at
https://kwlug.org/sjk . 

The building opens around 6:30pm or so, and setup helpers are always

- Paul

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