[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: A User Journey; VoIP Security (April 2018)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Fri Apr 6 19:20:36 EDT 2018

Everybody starts somewhere. Nobody is born being a computer expert. It
can be helpful for experienced users to be reminded of what it was
like to start using an operating system, and it can be helpful for new
users to learn from their peers. So it is nice that the
beginner-friendly portion of this month's meeting is going to involve
Sandeep Johri telling us about his journey to becoming an experienced
Linux user. 

Also on the bill is first-time presenter Steve Walker. He works in the
field of VoIP solutions, and will share some thoughts about VoIP
security: how and why your VoIP system can be hacked, common
vulnerabilities and how to detect them, and how to make your Asterisk
installations more secure. 

These presentations begin at 7pm. 

In other news, Maker Expo is happening June 2 and 3rd, but the call
for exhibitors closes April 20. If you make things and would like to
show off what you do, you should apply to be an exhibitor. See
https://makerexpo.ca for more information. 

We have not held a Laptop Rescue Mission for a while. There is a
chance (not a guarantee) that maybe we will start something up again.
It would probably be held on a Saturday afternoon, as before.  Are you
interested? If so send me an email offlist.

This month's meeting will be held at the usual location:

St John's Kitchen
97 Victoria Street N
(at Weber)

There is parking in the thrift store parking lot. See
https://kwlug.org/sjk for maps and pictures of the location.
Doors open around 6:30pm. 

- Paul


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