[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Data Visualization with ElasticSearch (Feb 2018)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Feb 3 22:01:34 EST 2018

Hello again! This is an email! In all likelihood you get many many
emails like it every day. Email is one of the many ways the world
keeps you informed of its goings on. Along with its friends (phone
notifications, chat updates, log files, news feeds, ...) you must be
one of the most well-informed people who ever lived. Or you would be,
if you weren't drowning in so much information. How do you separate
the signal from the noise? How do you focus on the information that is
most important? How do you get a big-picture overview of the
information you are swimming in?

Enter ElasticSearch. It slurps up data and makes it available for
further processing via search and analytics. It can then make that
data available to other tools, such as the data visualization and
dashboard interface Kibana. In this month's meeting, Mary Loubele will
lead an interactive demonstration of using ElasticSearch to interface
with the Twitter API, and then use Kibana to visually make sense of
the results. 

Since this is a hands-on demonstration, it will work best if you
participate. To do so, please have the following with you beforehand: 

- A laptop with Virtualbox installed
- The ElasticSearch virtual machine Mary has set up, available from:
- An SSH client. If you are bringing a Windows laptop, get PuTTY.
- Installation instructions, available at
- If you have a Twitter account, the credentials (and an API key, if
  you can set one up beforehand).

Having these things ready to go will get the demo started faster. If
you do not have a sufficiently-powerful laptop then you are still
welcome to attend the meeting, but maybe you will be able to work
alongside somebody who does. 

This demonstration will begin at 7pm, after meeting announcements.

In other news, those of you interested in 3D printing and graphics
modelling might be interested to hear that KWLUG member Doug Moen has
officially released his Curv programming language to the world. Doug
presented Curv during last December's meeting, and it is a pretty neat
way to model 3D shapes geometrically. Get it from
https://github.com/doug-moen/curv . 

KWLUG member Ron Singh has developed passion for spreading the word
about KWLUG. He has recently put together a poster which he is
distributing around the community:
https://kwlug.org/sites/2018-02-01-kwlug-flyer.pdf . You can help
spread the word about KWLUG by this poster, one of your own, by
inviting somebody you know to a meeting, or by spreading the word on
your social media.

This month's meeting will be held at the usual location:

St John's Kitchen
97 Victoria St N
(at Weber)

Doors open around 6:30pm. Setup helpers are always welcome. Park in
the thrift store parking lot on the other side of the entrance. See
maps and photos of the location at https://kwlug.org/sjk .

- Paul


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