[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Kubernetes, Terraform (Jan 2018)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Jan 6 16:05:51 EST 2018

It's January again. Have you made some resolutions? Are you going to
pilot a bunch of containers to a better future? Are you going to
change the world? (Or maybe you are having a meltdown over the spectre
of recent CPU vulnerabilities?) If you have container problems, Joe
Wennechuk has container solutions.  One of these tools is Kubernetes
(kubernetes.io), a Google-initiated project to deploy containerized
applications and keep them running. Another is Terraform
(terraform.io), a tool to build up infrastructure, such as deployment
and test environments that are identical to each other.  Recently, Joe
started working with some tools for large scale infrastructure
automation, and he would like to share his insights with us. This
presentation will start around 7pm.

In other news, we are on the hunt for KWLUG presentations this year.
We have slots available from March onwards. You can present for 40
minutes or take a 90 minute slot. We are a friendly bunch, so if you
are a first-time presenter then this is a good place to practice your
presentation skills. We welcome any and all presentations related to
free software and free culture. 

Here is an announcement about KW LinuxFest: it will still happen, but
the organizers have pushed the date from January to May 12, 2018. Stay
tuned for more information, or follow the progress at
https://kwlinuxfest.ca .

As always, there are lots of other tech events posted to the Watcamp
calendar at http://watcamp.com, and you can get a lovingly produced
weekly newsletter of upcoming events by signing up here:

This month's meeting will be held at the usual location: 

St John's Kitchen
97 Victoria Street N
(at Weber)

There are maps and pictures of the location at http://kwlug.org/sjk .
Doors open around 6:30pm, and setup helpers are always welcome. 

- Paul

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