[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Making a Living with FLOSS

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat May 31 01:51:32 EDT 2008

It's a question that pops up again and again: sure free software is
useful. It is extensible and widely available. But how in the world
can anyone make a living using software that is usually distributed
for free? Take one look at many of our Free Software heroes and it
appears that they can't afford haircuts, never mind the 3000 watt
speakers, spinner hubcap wheels, and teeth grills the rest of us take
for granted. Does making a living in open source resign one to giving
up the smaller comforts in life? 

Fortunately, some folks -- including several KWLUG members -- carve
out comfortable livings working with free software. Khalid Baheyeldin
runs a successful web development company based on Drupal, and this
month he will share his secrets for making a living in Open Source.
This presentation begins at 7pm. 

In FLOSS Fund news, last month we donated $71.00 to the GNU PDF
project. This month's nominee is OpenOffice.org, the widespread office
suite. You can make a donation at the meeting, or by contacting
shadowy cabal member Andrew at acant at alumni.uwaterloo.ca . 

The shadowy cabal also mentions that it is desperate to receive some
more project nominations. The next three projects have all been
nominated by the same person, so getting some diversity in would be
highly beneficial. 

John Kerr passes on word of a petition concerning Net Neutrality. If
you are so inclined, you can sign the petition at
http://www.neutrality.ca . 

Our friends at the Hamilton LUG are holding a newbie-friendly, no-cost
conference on Saturday June 7th from 9am to 5pm at St. Andrews United
Church, 479 Upper Paradise Road, Hamilton, ON. Attendance is free but
registration is required. See
http://conference.hlug.ca/index.php/fs4hb/index for more information. 

As usual (for now?) our meeting will be held at The Working Centre: 

The Working Centre
43 Queen Street South
(Between King and Charles Streets)

The building is a block or two from the Kitchener transit terminal.
You can park your lowrider at the back lot after 6pm and your bike at the
back always. 

- Paul

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