[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Django

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat May 3 01:53:41 EDT 2008

No, it's not a great game with a strange name. It's a great
frame(work) with a strange name that may be derived from a great game
with a strange name. It's Django, a popular Python web framework used
to develop sites for such sites as Toronto Life and the Washington
Post, and at this month's KWLUG meeting a well-rested Kareem Shehata will 
tell us all about it. This presentation begins at 7pm. 

For assorted reasons, last month's FLOSS Fund nominee has been
deferred to this month, so we will be raising money for GNU PDF, a
brave attempt to develop support for annotation, editable forms and 
other advanced PDF features in open source. Learn more at

Other quick tidbits: 

- The Hamilton LUG is holding a mini-conference on Saturday, June 7.
  The conference is free and newbie-friendly, but requires
  registration. See more info at

- Bob Jonkman alerted the discussion list to an Open Source Census
  being run by OpenLogic. The idea is to get a clearer idea of who is
  running Open Source and why. To participate, visit

- Chris Bruner reports that the nascent St. Mary's LUG is moving its
  meetings to the first Tuesday of each month, to avoid conflict with
  the Tillsonberg LUG. This month's meeting features Jon Wojkowsk
  demonstrating his jukebox web system. 
  (Chris still doesn't have a web presence for
  his group, so you can e-mail him at cbruner at quadro.net). 

- We are still looking for more FLOSS Fund nominees and presentation
  offers/requests. We are getting pretty low on both of these
  commodities, so if you have ideas please speak up. 

There. Short and sweet. Come out to the meeting!

The Working Centre 
43 Queen Street S 
(Between King and Charles Streets)

As always, there is free car parking in the back lot after 6pm, the
Kitchener Transit terminal only a block away, and free bike parking

- Paul

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