[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday, 7pm: Migrating Laptop Drives, Supporting New Users (Sept 2015)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Fri Sep 11 19:54:06 EDT 2015

It's September! Let's have a meeting!

Originally we had planned to have Sergio Durigan speak about GDB, but
he had a scheduling conflict. Sergio will reschedule his talk, and in
the meantime we have a couple of replacement topics lined up. 

Khalid Baheyeldin will kick us off by discussing how he replaced a
laptop drive without losing his data. He found that getting things
like hibernate to work took some fiddling, which is both a crying
shame and a good reason to run a presentation on the topic.

Have you ever found yourself supporting a person who is new to Linux
and/or free software? What techniques and best practices did you use
to help them climb the learning curve? The second half of our meeting
will consist of a roundtable discussion where we can share best
practices around supporting new users. Given that it is no longer
1998, the topic of supporting new users in a world of cloud services
will probably come up as well.

These presentations start at around 7pm. 

There is lots of other stuff happening this month. Here is a sampling: 

- On Tuesday, Sept 15 the C# Dev Meetup group will be holding an
  discussion about using C# (which is usually used in Microsoft
  environments) on Linux. See more details here: 

- On Saturday, Sept 19 there is a great big Maker Expo happening at
  Kitchener City Hall. There will be lots to see and do, and admission
  is free for all. See http://makerexpo.ca for more details.

- On Tuesday, Sept 29 CIGI is screening the Oscar-award winning
  documentary Citizenfour, about the Edward Snowden leaks. Find out
  more at

- Past KWLUG presenter Stephen Paul Weber is concerned about a lack of
  free culture resources for children. To address this, he is running
  a crowdfunding campaign to create a board-book version of the
  animated short "Big Buck Bunny". You can support this effort here: 

- It looks like there will be no Software Freedom Day event in
  Kitchener-Waterloo. If that makes you feel deprived then one
  possibility is to participate in the first-ever SFD celebrations in
  Toronto, also being held on Sept 19:

Finally, did you know that many KWLUG meetings have been video
recorded? Gheorghe Curelet-Balan has been taping meetings and putting
them up on Youtube, and Kyle Farwell has been getting them listed on
our website. If you would like to indulge in some past-meeting
nostalgia then head over to http://kwlug.org/vidcasts

That's all for now, I guess, other than to disclose our
not-very-secret meeting location: 

St John's Kitchen
97 Victoria Street North
(Corner of Weber and Victoria)

Maps and pictures of the location are available here:

The meeting starts at 7pm. Doors open around 6:30pm, and setup helpers
would be greatly appreciated. 


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