[kwlug-announce] Musical Meeting Monday

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Dec 1 00:16:32 EST 2007

ABBA had it right: Who can live without it? Without a song or a
what would life be? But recording like a rock star takes money,
money -- or does it? Once again, Linux answers our SOS: all kinds of
great open source multimedia tools have been written. This month,
Mixmaster Brent will walk us through 64 Studio, a Debian
subdistribution optimized for multimedia workstations. Brent will be
doing some live recording and editing in the presentation, so bring
your singing voices and instruments -- really! -- and be prepared to
let the music speak with no restraints. This presentation begins at
7pm, with casual conversation and help scheduled from 6:00pm. 

Adding to the multimedia theme, Richard and Charles are going to
experiment with videotaping this month's presentation, but they
promise to refrain from blackmail and extortion with the results. 

In other news, last month FLOSS Fund contributers raised $94.05 for
the Vim project. Our nominee this month is the pilot-link project, at
http://www.pilot-link.org . This group writes libraries and utilities
that allow Palm Pilots (including smartphones like the Treo) to work
with Linux, and forms the backbone of Palm synchronization tools such
as jpilot, gpilot, and kpilot. As such, the project falls into that
set of underappreciated but vastly important tools: the ones that
make free operating systems Just Work with the other gadgets in our

If you like this project but can't make the meeting, don't go wasting
your emotion: contact Andrew (acant at alumni.uwaterloo.ca) or Adam
(aglauser at wlualumni.ca) to arrange a donation. You can also suggest
new projects for the FLOSS Fund: visit http://kwlug.org/node/410 for
more information. 

And where is our Waterloo? In Kitchener, actually:

The Working Centre
43 Queen Street South 
(Between King and Charles) 

The building is one block from the Kitchener Bus Terminal, and
free tour bus parking in the back lot after 6pm, and free winter bike
parking in the back bike rack always.

- Paul

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