[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Social Night

Paul Nijjar pnijjar at sdf.lonestar.org
Fri May 4 23:16:09 EDT 2007

Ah, May. When the daffodils bloom and people start wearing skimpy
clothing in public (elbows! ankles!) you know sprint has arrived and
it's time to be social. Not fake Web 2.0 social, like MySpace or
Slashdot karma. Real social. Like, meeting people and talking with them
and stuff. Just because we use Linux doesn't mean we have to be
outcasts! As proof, this month's KWLUG meeting is devoted to the
socialization of Linux enthusiasts.

For those of us not used to socialization[0], here's how it works: we
show up. Instead of listening to a talk and heckling the speaker we
listen to each other and heckle nobody. If we want, we can bring short
demos to show off, questions for others to answer, computers to install
Linux onto, Freedom Toasters to set up, cool ideas to share, suggestions
for future meeting activities, systems to troubleshoot and other fun
stuff. Then we entertain each other for a while. This is a great
opportunity for us to meet and greet (and maybe eat). Also, Richard will
campaign for future meeting presenters and topics, despite rumours to
the contrary.

Best of all, this fun starts at 7pm, after the intensity of the sun's
harmful rays have diminished somewhat. My understanding is that there
will be no pre-meeting meeting this month, but next month we will be 
starting a series of Real Live Tutorials for new users.

There will, however, be an opportunity to donate to the KWLUG FLOSS Fund
if you so desire. Last month, we raised $160 for the FreePBX project.
In tune with the theme of "socialization", the nominee for this month is
the Free Software Foundation, which has been a driving force in getting
us great free software.

As always[1], our meeting will be held at

The Working Centre
43 Queen Street South
(Between King and Charles)

As always, there are maps and photos of the meeting location on the

As always, parking for internal combustion engine vehicles is free in
the back lot after 6pm, and parking for bicycles is free always.

- Paul

[0] I'm not pointing any fingers, although I probably should claim my
Section 11(c) Charter rights.

[1] By which we mean "most of the time"

Paul Nijjar - http://www.fairvotecanada.org/WaterlooRegion
Next electoral reform info night: Tuesday May 8, 7pm

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