Video editing using ffmpeg and ImageMagick

Sometimes, you want to edit multiple videos in a similar way. For that, I've found that the best way is to create a script that you can run consistently on those videos and get a consistent ouptut. For example, recordings from a conference or a day by day video log of your family vacation.

I have created some scripts using ffmpeg and ImageMagick for my some of my videos, saving me hours in the process.

The main advantages I've found are:

  • Consistency: I don't have to remember what I did to a video. It is all in the script

Bash: The Linux Command Line

If you are like many Linux users you're first view of Linux was the graphical user interface (GUI). If you're adventurous or curious and have tried to do some advanced things with LInux you may have encountered the Linux command line. Like all operating systems there is a low-level interface that opens up all the power of the operating system. In Linux the command line is so powerful that many advanced users use it for so many tasks that it becomes indispensable. Those who use it find it easier, faster and more powerful that the graphical tools.

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