[kwlug-help] Help with AMD-ATI graphics problem on Ubuntu 12.04

nadeem lawji nlawji at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 12:39:07 EDT 2013

Hi KW Lug Helpers,

I have just built my first PC.  My 16 year old cousin spent an evening
teaching me how to put it together, and I hope this one will last me the
next 10 years.  My first time buying new parts....not sure it was a good
idea, but I'm stuck with it now.

Anyways, what I'm coming up against is a graphics problem.  The AMD/ati
graphics problem in ubuntu 12.04 seems well documented.  I have found many
responses in forums and at askubuntu.  I have tried many command line
options, only to find my video still not working, pc freezing, and no
sound.  Last night, I installed Ubuntu Mint (Cinnamon) and Lubuntu, and the
same problem.  No Video(or sound), though I only played with them an hour
before I had to run.  The 12.04 I spend all weekend on, and still left the
pc as is.

I got turned onto Ubuntu with 10.04, when I took a Linux Literacy course
through wpirg's freeskool.  I have been really happy with it, and have
turned a few friends onto ubuntu as well.  Without going into details, it
is MUCH better than windows, once you try it.  I do not wanna go back, and
I'm sure you understand why.....but in the meantime, I had to load XP back
onto this pc so my partner can use it.

However, I still am a windows trained pc user.  Which means I know nothing
about command line stuff, or how to fix non-compliant hardware problems
with an update telling me to hit "update now".  So, when finding
'solutions' in the forums and whatnot, I am cut and pasting, but not
understanding what  fglrx,  xorg, catalyst, vesa, and all these sorts of
things are.  Recently, I came across a post that says there is no fix for
the ati 5xxxx graphics cards, which mine appears to be.

I guess what I'm asking is if anyone knows this problem, and can help me
fix it - I feel I'm spinning my wheels folowing all these different
solutions being thrown at me from the forums.  Face time would be great,
but I'll take email help too.  But another question I have, is if there is
another version of Linux I could look into until I get this sorted out.
Having XP in a partition is bugging me, and I'd really prefer to go back to
ubuntu/linux only.

my processor and mb are(no graphics card, it's onboard graphics):
A4 Series Dual-core A4-5300 3.4GHz Desktop Processor
GIGABYTE GA-F2A55M-HD2 (rev. 1.0)

Ok, hope there is someone who can help me figure this out.


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