[kwlug-help] How can I remove the "Media files" banners in Nautilus?

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Sun May 20 13:25:29 EDT 2012

Whenever I plug my phone into my laptop running Ubuntu 12.04 I get two 
dialogue boxes "This drive contains pictures, do you want to open 
Shotwell?" and "This drive contains music, do you want to open 
Rhythmbox?" Then when I open Nautilus there are two banners across the 
top of the file list that read "Open Shotwell Photo Manager; the media 
contains digital photos" and "Open Rhythmbox Music Player; these files 
are on a digital music player".

I can get rid of the initial dialogue boxes.  But how do I get rid of 
the two banners across Nautilus?  There are no "Close" buttons, and I 
have found nothing in the menus.  Those banners just take up far too 
much vertical screen space, so I want them gone.


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