[kwlug-help] Fw: "No Signal;" on my monitor

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Mar 31 20:28:57 EDT 2012

I believe that Ellen joined the kwlug-help list, so responding to that
request here should be fine. 

In my experience "No signal" could mean a number of things: 

- The memory is incorrect or not seated properly. (In that case you
  usually hear beeps, though.) 
- If you have an external video card, it is not seated correctly
- If you have two video cards (one built in, one not) the signal is
  going to the wrong one
- There is some other card in the system that is preventing your
  machine from booting

You will want to check that the CPU fan is going (or that the power
supply fan is going). If your machine is not getting power properly
then nothing will work. Do you see any LEDs lit up? Does the machine
make any initial beeps when you turn it on? 

The usual advice in these situations is to simplify: try to remove as
many extra expansion cards, hard drives, floppy drives, etc. as you
can, and then boot the machine. Does it boot up? 

There is a place (not officially affiliated with KWLUG) called
Computer Recycling, run at the Working Centre. There may be a chance
that you could come in there and get some help in getting your
computer booting again. 


- Paul

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Hi K-W Lug Members:

I moved across the country and when I finally put my 'puter together,
all I get is the "No Signal" pattern and message on my monitor. I have
an old puter that was destined for recycling. The Dell monitor is not
as old as the HD, but is not quite a flat screen.

I contacted my computer angel in the Calgary LUG and did check the
15-pin connection and tapped the boards and whatever is behind the
15-pin onto the motherboard as he suggested. I also cleaned the air
intake, fan and vacuumed the unit gently, but nothing has changed.
Barring a break in the 15-pin cable (It was bent fairly sharply to
connect it at first), I don't know what to do. I realize this is not
exactly a Linux problem- but I can't even get that far. If anyone has
any suggestions, or know someone who could come and look at it, I'd be
most grateful.

Sorry if there are typos; I ran out without my glasses.

See you at the meeting Mon. eve. in any case; shall be glad to meet
you, I'll look up more info on the equipment details for tomorrow.


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