[kwlug-help] Openvpn assistance request.

Chamunks Arkturus chamunks at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 18:49:30 EDT 2011

> Would running pfsense in a vm on that machine be practicable?

The issue I have with this Ubuntu/Minecraft server is that its just a thin
client running some low powered intel processor.

I do happen to have a box slotted to be used as a PFSense box and I even
believe it has it installed to a CF-IDE card just waiting for me to install
it into the network but I'm hesitant to need to run another computer but
with my aforementioned  routing setup it could work well as such.

First portion handles my MLPPP

> Dsl-Link1---WRT1 (WAN Port-Vlan1)
> Dsl-Link2---WRT1 (LAN Port1-Vlan1)
> WRT1(Vlan1)---PFSense (Red Port)
Second Portion Handles my LAN

> PFSense(Green Port)---WRT1 (Lan Port2-Vlan2)
> WRT1(Vlan2-Wifi-Cat5-Ports[3/4])---Rest of home network

*There is also a Nas somewhere in here but that doesen't matter.

PFSense - OpenVPN, IPfilter(moblock/Peerguardian), SnortIDS(Maybe), some
kind of IPS(Maybe).

Basically I want pfsense to run as a filter for the whole network but just
as that maybe possibly adding a few services such as openvpn.  Basically I
like the way that the tomato/mlppp handles dhcp and can even let me setup
static dhcp leases tied to mac addresses n such.. Mainly I'm lazy and it
caters to my needs fairly well.
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