[kwlug-help] Openvpn assistance request.

Chamunks Arkturus chamunks at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 17:06:26 EDT 2011

We have covered Open-vpn a couple times brushing the subject but is there
any one who can maybe give me a hand in understanding how to get an openvpn
server setup at my home lan?

I have a ubuntu box already running a minecraft server and was hoping that I
could possibly run it in that.  I have an nx's nomachine server running from
here for the occassion I get too lazy to commandline myself to death.

I've got a few purposes behind the idea of this setup.  I have 3-4 WRT54GL
routers that i want to load up with openvpn clients so that I can possibly
deploy them at friends houses so we can lan easily also possibly at
relatives houses for secure voip or other possibilities.  Even one possibly
at the girlfriends appartment or something so I can have easy access to my
home network services when im visiting or something.

I also have a few android devices that now support Openvpn via the
Gingerbread update of the AndroidOS that I would like to vpn my traffic to
and from.  I dont trust Bell nor do I wish to trust them with my data Ever.
 Currently I have to be extremely selective about what I do on my android
and I dont want to be as much anymore any help or suggestions will be

Basically I want to eventually have it set up so that it either routes to an
openvpn server on my ubuntu box than back out again or run ddwrt-VPN or
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