[kwlug-help] Loss due to a chown and permissions change on .ICEauthority file

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Thu Aug 18 22:33:57 EDT 2011

I can't answer your question specifically, but have you tried running 
a LiveCD? (Kubuntu / Ubuntu / whatever you have to hand.)

It would at least let you poke about in a gui you may be more 
comfortable with.

With a live cd up, you'll be able to mount your hard drive and poke 
all about.

Personally, easiest way for that I find is:
- start a console
- sudo bash -
- mkdir /sda1 (or whatever your disk/partition is)
- mount /dev/sda1 /sda1

At that point you can go back to the gui, and browse all about /sda1 - 
  under there it being what you would normally see if you directly 
booted your computer.

Hopefully you can repair your gui far enough to boot to an environment 
you're comfortable with.

Good luck.

pinecone wrote, On 08/18/2011 10:25 PM:
> Hi all:
> After a recent ubuntu update using update manager I was getting a
> warning about ICEauthority not working. I was also getting frequent
> mouse/keyboard freezes. Research led to advice that the owner was root
> and that was not correct. I chowned the file to my username and changed
> the permissions with chattr 600.  Now, my gui refuses start properly, an
> error says that it can't reach my home directory, a damaged libconfig-2
> error appears and I am ultimately left with a mouse pointer moving
> around the screen with nothing to click. When I changed to xface or safe
> gnome gui on startup no change. I went in to the home dir in a console
> and it appears my evolution has wiped my mail and left empty dirs! I was
> forced to walk through the evolution install wizard on one bootup but I
> didn't expect to loose my mail system!   It seems I am faced with
> emergency file restoration and abandoning ubuntu. 
> BTW, what is the ICEauthority file all about?
> I desperately need to recover as much as I can in any event. I have a
> serial backup drive which I nope to employ but I am no command line
> expert at all.
> Any thoughts?

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