[kwlug-help] Loss due to a chown and permissions change on .ICEauthority file

pinecone pinecone at kw.igs.net
Thu Aug 18 22:25:40 EDT 2011

Hi all:

After a recent ubuntu update using update manager I was getting a
warning about ICEauthority not working. I was also getting frequent
mouse/keyboard freezes. Research led to advice that the owner was root
and that was not correct. I chowned the file to my username and changed
the permissions with chattr 600.  Now, my gui refuses start properly, an
error says that it can't reach my home directory, a damaged libconfig-2
error appears and I am ultimately left with a mouse pointer moving
around the screen with nothing to click. When I changed to xface or safe
gnome gui on startup no change. I went in to the home dir in a console
and it appears my evolution has wiped my mail and left empty dirs! I was
forced to walk through the evolution install wizard on one bootup but I
didn't expect to loose my mail system!   It seems I am faced with
emergency file restoration and abandoning ubuntu. 

BTW, what is the ICEauthority file all about?

I desperately need to recover as much as I can in any event. I have a
serial backup drive which I nope to employ but I am no command line
expert at all.

Any thoughts?


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