[kwlug-help] Looking for a computer book store.

Zorik Koriz zorik at live.ca
Thu Jun 17 01:03:02 EDT 2010

I don't see where the O'Reilly site discusses the shipping time.  Anyway, I found a copy at one of the university libraries in the area so if nobody puts a hold on it I should be okay.  Keeping fingers crossed.  Thanks to everyone for their help.  The 4th edition is coming out Sept 15 and will cover python 3.0 so stores are not replenishing inventory of the 3rd edition right now.  That helps explain why it's hard to find in stores.  It would still be good to know if the KWLUG has a copy. 

Cheers, Z.K. 

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> On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 10:15:48PM -0600, Zorik Koriz wrote:
> > The book I'm looking for is "Programming Python", preferably the 3rd
> > edition, by Mark Lutz.
> I have the 2nd edition, if you end up in a bind, and need one fast.
> > How do I find out if it is in the KWLUG library? 
> Charles is the guy to ask, if I recall.  I've CC'd him.
> - Chris
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