[kwlug-help] Looking for a computer book store.

Zorik Koriz zorik at live.ca
Wed Jun 16 00:15:48 EDT 2010

The book I'm looking for is "Programming Python", preferably the 3rd edition, by Mark Lutz.  There are other python books, but this one is the second in a two volume set and I'm reading the first volume now.  I have not found any other books that cover the subject in as much detail.  
How do I find out if it is in the KWLUG library? 
Amazon says it will ship in 1 to 4 *months*, chapters says 3-5 weeks.  I might need it sooner than that.  I'm not 100% sure I'll even need it, but if I do, I don't want to have to tell the customer to wait 5 weeks.  :)  

The library is checking if they can get it from some other library.  I'm waiting to hear back. 
Thanks, Z.K. 

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> On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 09:21:22PM -0600, Zorik Koriz wrote:
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> >  
> > Where is a good computer book store in KW or area?  The book store near me said it can
> >  take three to five weeks to get the book I want, which is longer than I want to
> >  wait.  I guess I could order it from Amazon but I hate giving out my 
> > credit card number on line.  The book I'm looking for is not likely to be found on the shelf in most book stores.  I need a store that has a lot of computer books.  
> I tend to start marching through the yellow pages, calling each store
> until I find the one I like, or until I realize that Amazon maybe isn't
> quite so bad after all. :-)
> It might depend on how old or new the book is, that you're looking for.
> If it is old enough, you might check the local library, and check with
> the KWLUG library as well.  Maybe one of the LUG folks have a copy that
> you could borrow while you wait for the special order to come through.
> But anything new, you're probably stuck with Chapters or Amazon.
> - Chris
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