[kwlug-help] How to encrypt home folder after installation?

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Sat Jun 12 19:24:07 EDT 2010

When I installed Ubuntu 10.04 there was an option to encrypt the 
/home/<userid> folders.  However, I already had a /home partition, and 
did not select this option.

How can I encrypt my home folder after the fact?   With all the nice 
integration to the login password, &c.? There are many GiBytes of data 
in it.

One online reference I have found for encrypting  home folders was for a 
much earlier version of Ubuntu[1].  I don't remember an encyrption 
option during installation of those versions, so I'm not sure the 
encryption methods are the same, or compatible with future encrypted 

Another reference requires an empty destination folder to be encrypted, 
then copying existing data from a backup[2].  I'd like to encrypt in 
place, if possible.

Yes, I already use TrueCrypt folders and partitions.  I do not think 
these things are the same thing as available-at-login encryption.



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