[kwlug-disc] aborted Linux Mint presentation

tomg at sentex.ca tomg at sentex.ca
Mon Mar 4 20:02:41 EST 2019


I couldn't go to the KWLUG meeting to do a Linux Mint presentation.  I
think I grossly overestimated my ability to go there and do that thing.

I did make a presentation though, and I have put it online at:
http://www.sentex.ca/~tomg/linux/linuxmint-presentation.odp or
http://www.sentex.ca/~tomg/linux/linuxmint-presentation.pdf if you prefer

Thanks for paying attention.  I can try to answer any questions by e-mail
or IRC.

I plan to make a video for this presentation later with the advice given
me to do with screen recorders.


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