[kwlug-disc] Mageia 7 beta 2 is out!

Gary Walsh gwalsh at notw.ca
Mon Feb 25 13:32:03 EST 2019

For those who are interested in this distro:


We are very proud to announce that Mageia 7 beta 2 is available for  
everyone to download!
This new beta comes with lots of bugfixes and updates, and it is one  
of our best beta releases.

Of course, there is still a lot of work to come before Mageia 7 is  
ready: a big Qt and Plasma update (5.15), a Gnome update (3.32 as soon  
it is released), and more checks on 32-bit hardware as well as the  
artwork for Mageia 7. For that, we will have a beta 3 set of images.  
We are all looking forward to implementing these changes and getting  
all of the rough edges polished out with all of the help from the  

This release includes the Classical Installer as well as the Live  
Images, with the standard lineup of architectures and Desktop  
Environments – 32 and 64-bit Classical Installers; 64-bit Plasma,  
GNOME and Xfce Live DVD’s and a 32 bit Xfce Live DVD.

The ISO’s are available to download directly, and by torrent here  
Here are a few release highlights and package versions:

     Kernel 4.20
     Mesa 19.0 (rc)
     rpm 4.14.2
     Plasma 5.14.2
     GNOME 3.30
     Xfce 4.13.4
     Firefox 64.0
     Chromium 70
     LibreOffice 6.2.0

A full list of included software is available in the idx file for  
Classical ISO’s and the lst file for the Live Images.

We have also updated most of the programming languages to their latest  
versions. AppStream metadata support has also been enhanced, giving a  
much richer experience with software selection in both GNOME and  
Plasma through their respective software search tools. There have also  
been improvements to laptops with Optimus and to the ARM port. More  
details are available here.

We hope that the release works well for you, but if there are issues  
please report them to our bugzilla so that we can get around to  
sorting them for release. If you want to get involved in ISO testing,  
packaging or any other aspect of Mageia, there is lots of information  

A huge hand to all of the people involved with getting this release  
out of the door, and to all of the testers for giving us the feedback  
that we need to get Mageia 7 ready.


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