[kwlug-disc] Someone on github looking for maintainers for reasonably popular FOSS project.

Chamunks chamunks at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 15:27:13 EST 2019

TellForm is a project that provides a FOSS self-hosted alternative to
TypeForm which is a premium service that allows you to ask people quick
survey questions and lets you smash through them quickly with hotkeys
displayed in front of your eyes in the UI for expedience.

If you're into it the project has 95 watchers 2,294 stars and 446 forks on
GitHub as of right now so it would be a cool reasonably popular project to
slide into "for the portfolio".  Or you could use it as something to start
a FOSS business on.  Looking at the metrics it looks like something that
people want and would likely pay for.
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