[kwlug-disc] Jason's new book

tomg at sentex.ca tomg at sentex.ca
Fri Feb 8 00:03:08 EST 2019

<fengshaun> is anyone actually bothered by the over-abundance of macs  
in free software confs?
<fengshaun> or is that the new norm?
* Tom-_ raises one hand
<Tom-_> a fellow LUG member made this book about being ex-apple  
<fengshaun> books are awesome, but everybody needs to chip in
<Tom-_> chip in like telling people that paying for a mac is highly foolish?
* drakonis has quit (Quit: WeeChat 2.3)
<fengshaun> Tom-_, this guy is extreme!
<fengshaun> the writer
<fengshaun> Tom-_, chip in as in use not-mac and if there is an issue,  
solve it
<Tom-_> yeah people on my LUG seemed to like it a lot.  fengshaun, okay
<fengshaun> imagine if all the conference attendees were using loonix  
or freebsd or whatever
<fengshaun> "full Mactard." LOL
<fengshaun> "For $50, I will send you this video." <- I so want to see  
Jason Eckert dancing to Wham! - wake me up before you go-go
<Tom-_> i think i'm going to have to post this to their mailing list

-- from Freenode #freebsd-social

Mr. Eckert I liked the book.  Keep up the good work!

I'm going to show more people.


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