[kwlug-disc] Callout to CS majors/Other technically savvy klwug listers.

Chamunks chamunks at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 13:31:15 EST 2019


My company, LBRY, just finished a beta draft introducing its technology.
We're looking for feedback from the best and brightest.

[You can check it out at https://lbry.tech/spec](https://lbry.tech/spec).
The intended audience is computer scientists and/or professional software

Any thoughts you have at all would mean a lot to me and our entire team. Is
it interesting? Does it make sense to you?

P.S. You're welcome to share the link with others, but we're looking to
avoid posts to any public forums (for now). I may contact you again in a
few weeks when we're ready for a more public campaign.
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