[kwlug-disc] Perhaps the best desktop/developer Linux distro

Jason Eckert jason.eckert at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 20:04:32 EST 2019


Someone with a System76 laptop at UW gave me a demo and got me hooked.

I've since made it my main OS after spending a week migrating all of my
developer configuration. It's Ubuntu 18, but modified to a very granular
level with an incredibly large number of clever enhancements for
productivity, many of which aren't available anywhere else.

It's the first Linux that truly could replace any other OS for any user in
my opinion (basic users, power users, hardcore Linux nerds, etc.).

It's like crack - you'll probably get hooked.
The good news is that the first hit is free (as are all other hits because
it's FLOSS).
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