[kwlug-disc] website/watcamp maintenance tasks

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Wed Feb 6 00:36:51 EST 2019

Here are the tasks I was talking about during the meeting. I have
Lori, Andrew and maybe Colin as being interested with helping on
these. Is anybody else interested? 

For kwlug.org: Gheorghe has been taking video of some of our
presentations, but we have not been keeping up to date with getting
those videos linked on our website. Somebody needs to go through
Gheorghe's Youtube feed, find the videos we are not linking, and make
"Page" entries for the vidcasts on our website. 

There is an RSS feed of Gheorghe's video feed here:


and the link to his channel is here: 


Note that Gheorghe attends many user meetings and takes lots of
interesting video, so some of you may be interesting in subscribing to
his feed anyways. (And if you prefer audio, youtube-dl does a pretty
good job of downloading and extracting audio from Youtube).

For watcamp.com: it sounds as if some of the current watcamp
maintainers are losing steam. We need some reinforcements who can
contribute an hour or two a week to follow some feeds and copy
relevant events of interest into the Watcamp Google calendar. 

In addition, I have discovered that the University of Waterloo Faculty
of Math's web notice system now has an iCal feed: 

We probably want to be selective about grabbing entries from this
feed, but there are some good tech-related events here. 

If you would like to volunteer for one or both of these events please
let me know. Watcamp in particular has been a valuable resource for
years, and it would be a shame for it to fizzle out now. I was
actually hoping we could spread the word about it so that it would
grow (and maybe more people would sign up for the weekly meeting
newsletter at

- Paul


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