[kwlug-disc] Strange fix

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sat May 24 05:34:37 EDT 2014

Never encountered such in XP, if anything XP has been more rock solid 
than most any other OS I've encountered.

More likely here the new card got some (software) configuration reset 
and happy. (.ini, .conf, something)

Not sure if putting the old card back in to the same slot will change 
what you noticed (assuming configuration doesn't get reset).

It might if you put it in a different slot, though, and would be 
interesting to find out.

On 14-05-23 08:47 PM, Bob Jonkman wrote:
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> Now try putting the old card back in, and trying again. Sometimes it's
> something in the BIOS settings that gets reset when you remove/insert
> cards.  WinXP used to be bad for hanging on that kind of thing,
> although I've never run into it with Linux or Win7/8.
> - --Bob.
> On 14-05-23 08:16 PM, CrankyOldBugger wrote:
>> If some of you recall, I had a problem a few weeks back where a
>> certain Linux machine just couldn't mount the shares from a
>> Synology NAS.  It worked before, then stopped working around the
>> time the NAS software had an update.  I struggled with this for
>> some time before I put it aside to work on other things.
>> Well, on a lark, I pulled the NIC card from the PC today and
>> dropped in another one (same model, I believe).  Sure enough, sudo
>> mount -a pulls the shares from /etc/fstab without any hitches.
>> Strange, as the NIC could talk to the network, but it just didn't
>> want to mount the shared folders.
>> Well, it's working again.
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