[kwlug-disc] Pictures -> room dimensions, decorating, room planning?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Fri May 23 14:29:04 EDT 2014

Thanks for volunteering to do that - I've no doubt Paul will be able to 
find you a slot.

Taking a quick look, I don't see any mention regarding taking photos and 
performing magic with them. Did someone mention something about that 
some time, or am I imagining things again?

Now for the software that gives you the dimension of things from a 
picture. Anyone?

On 14-05-23 11:54 AM, Andrew Sullivan Cant wrote:
> Sweet Home 3D <http://www.sweethome3d.com/index.jsp>, I believe. I've
> look though the website, but never used it.
> If someone would like to learn it and do a presentation, that would be
> nice. :)
> On Fri May 23 08:20:16 2014, unsolicited wrote:
>> I haven't found it, but seems to me Richard mentioned something some
>> time ago about taking a picture of a room and software magically
>> making a 3D model out of it? Or something? Richard?
>> In any case ... am I dreaming or have I heard about some software to
>> which you can feed pictures, then it lets you move furniture all about
>> within the room, try different wall colours, and so on?
>> Anyone know / used / ???

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