[kwlug-disc] Home made indoor TV Antenna

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Mon May 12 21:21:57 EDT 2014

On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 9:00 PM, Paul Gallaway <paul at gallaway.ca> wrote:

> I only see two of them regularly (CN and Paris). Perhaps the one in
> Owen Sound? Tropo is weird.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CIII-DT#Transmitters

Weird indeed. The channels were gone in the morning, and even 5 and 25 were
gone too (they have been sensitive with the new antenna location).

I guess one can hope that Putin precipitates World War III, so we have a
nuclear winter, and reception is better because there is no sun. That, or
we are already within The Matrix :-)

Location is the name of the game. An installer might be able to tell
> you what you could get if he/she has the measurement tools and
> neighbourhood experience but you raise an interesting point. Research
> Electronics might make more sales if people were able to take some loaner
> equipment home and just see what they can (or cannot) get. Even if they
> only used a dedicated DB4e or DB8 and preamp that they loan out based on a
> deposit for the replacement cost.

Absolutely brilliant idea! Too bad business are looking under the feet and
not long term ...

> Not sure if the CM7777 is still the best one. I know they changed the
> design to have a combined UHF and VHF conector which some people found
> unfavourable.

I read about the versions too. Someone had the picture of the old one (was
it Sayal or Angel Electronics in Mississauga? Can't remember). But the
units in stock could be the new one. Who knows.

> I still let some things record but it's maybe 1 in 20 recordings that's OK
> so I tend to not create new schedules on that channel. There might be
> others I can get from time-to-time but given the nature of MythTV, I just
> don't add any channels that can't be consistently retrieved (other than
> CHCH). Even then, weather can wreak havoc on prime-time but my reception
> problems are usually minimal.

I just got a HomeWorx HW150 PVR (~$44 from BestBuy after price match with
Amazon.ca, fown from $70 regular price), and though the interface is crude
and can be glitchy at times, it records HD really well, on an external USB
drive, which you can hook in any PC and play (or rename files, delete,
...etc.) It has a small foot print and is fanless, and hence no noise at

> The other benefit of putting your own ends on is you
> can get away with a much smaller hole to pull the wire through.

In my case, there was an old A/C hole in the house, and I was able to push
the cable through it after some monkeying around with an inspection camera,
a plastic tube, and lots of sweat and tears.

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