[kwlug-disc] IEEE1394 dv import

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Mon May 12 16:05:13 EDT 2014

Last time I tried this on my desktop, I'm pretty sure it was kino, as 
you, and it just worked. Kubuntu 12.04. I do this so seldom that like 
you it seems I have to rediscover what works every time.

Perhaps throw a usb drive/enclosure  onto the laptop long enough to 
accumulate the files?

This sound like a Computer Recycling volunteer project for them. i.e. 
Video, this day and age, being something volunteers would like to get 
some experience with? Could they dive into this 'video editing kiosk' 
topic and document a how to for other volunteers? No doubt they will be 
interested in other outputs destinations / forms too, but that would all 
be good stuff too. e.g. YouTube vs publishing as Chamunks (?) is trying 
to do for kwlug meetings?

For that matter same thing with 'twitter' (identi.ca), given recent 
threads on that. [Although I saw a criticism that the identi.ca use 
agreement forces SA-BY-?? on users?] Today at CR we volunteers ... ?

On both topics, these days, it seems the execution path is varied and 
murky. An 'everything you ever wanted to know' (today's environment / 
current apps) on both would be welcome.

Combine the two, in a sense, phone capture of video out to twitter link 
awareness to youtube content? Don't mean to require these specific 
proprietary services so much as use 'generic' terms that most will 
recognize. It seems 'youth' (?) activism is more prevalent these days, 
so many would like to be able to do this sort of thing?

Is this even something for CR? Not just learn something, but show others 
what you've learned? Presentation / communication skills / techniques / 
abilities seeming very important these days?

On 14-05-12 10:27 AM, Charles M wrote:
> I have a lot of video footage from Ontario Linux Fest and other open source
> events on DV tapes that I recorded with my IEEE1394 camcorder. I used to
> use Kino + dvgrab to import video from the camcorder, but I found that
> since Pulseaudio became mainstream Kino has issues importing IEEE1394
> video. Specifically it plays at light-speed and doesn't import correctly.
> I could just use dvgrab by itself, but this means I have to import all the
> video on the dv tape. What I liked about Kino was that as you were
> importing it played a preview. dvgrab is command line and doesn't preview.
> Is anyone using something else under Linux to import video, something with
> IEEE1394 camera control as you're importing video?

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