[kwlug-disc] Cutting the cord

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Sat Mar 29 01:46:11 EDT 2014

Do a search for free VPN.

I have done this for Hulu testing successfully. (Windows only thus far, 
I think - just never got as far on my Linux box. More to do with haven't 
switched my media 'centre' to Linux yet.)

In essence, it proxie's my http fetch as coming from a U.S. IP, so it 
serves content, as it does not from my normal Canadian IP. (Geo locked.)

I would be very surprised if there is no Columbian free VPN. Even if so, 
perhaps such a service wouldn't be too expensive.

It was dead easy to do, especially after I got it working the first 
time, and then knew what to look for.

One gotcha to keep an eye on: Don't let it add a default gateway route - 
all your traffic will then come from Columbia! You could set up a static 
route and tell it not to add routes. If you have to add proxy settings, 
make sure you only proxy that IP address, same reason.

IIRC, you'll end up doing something like 'ifconfig eth0.1 <web address> 
mask <eeyyy>' (Etc., etc., yada, yada, yada) It may grab 
the actual content from a different site, so you may need more than one 
route before you have complete success.

On 14-03-28 05:37 PM, chaslinux at gmail.com wrote:
> Thanks to everyone who has chimed in about cutting the cord on TV.
> The last remaining service we have from Rogers is TV, primarily
> because Maria likes TLN (The Latin Network). The only other channel
> we look to is the weather channel).
> We'd do satellite TV, but our building contract has a (phony)
> structural clause saying no dishes (they have a deal with Rogers and
> a local rep in the building).
> Maria would be thrilled to get other Latin channels. I have XBMC and
> am happy watching plugins from it. I set up a Colombian channel
> plug-in for XBMC, but it didn't work - guessing the problem is a
> proxy one (need to look like we're in Colombia).
> Anyone doing IPTV for Latin channels? Blog:
> http://www.charlesmccolm.com/ Sent from my cell phone.
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